Mask Cloak Silence

Martinism as a Way of Awakening

How can one not be struck by the permanence of the experience revealed by the Martinist ritual? What is it that inhabits the Martinist temples that can be found neither in Freemasonry nor in the Order of the Elus Coëns? Is it not the dimension of the Heart, specific to this path that Papus was the first to describe as the Way of the Heart?

The Martinist orders constitute a living and influential movement carrying the principles and symbols of Illuminism. It is this expression of the complex and rich current called “Martinism” that the author invites you to traverse, in an extraordinary manner, in order to identify the way in which it can convey a path of awakening.

Foreword by Piers A. Vaughan

As an experiential book about Martinism and its practices, unique in the English-speaking world, I cannot recommend it enough.

Piers Vaughan @ Rose Circle Books

About the Author

Rémi Boyer has explored at length the world of the avant-garde, initiatory traditions, and philosophies of enlightenment.

Notably, he works within the setting of the House of Surrealists in Cordes-sur-Ciel, for a new alliance between traditions, philosophies of awakening, and the artistic avant-garde. Considering literature as a form of metaphysics, he became actively involved in the journal movement of the 1980s and has since collaborated on various traditional journals in Europe. He is the author of some twenty specialized works, particularly on Western initiatory movements, works translated into several languages. Since 1992, he has edited the review L’Esprit des Choses, founded with Robert Amadou, specializing in the philosophy of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, Martinism, and Freemasonry. He is regularly invited to give lectures and lead seminars on initiation related topics in most European countries.